• Customer Success with AI

    We help you deliver a world-class customer experience with exceptional processes.

  • What we do

    We fix implementations of salesforce that have not aged gracefully.

    Over the years, your Salesforce has slowly lost its luster. Maybe it never had luster. Most likely it's a total mess. With too many fields on every page. Too much custom code. Too many apps that don't always work. Too many triggers, Too many Reports. And way too much bad data. It's a royal mess.

    That is where Left at the Cloud can help. We will fix your royal mess. And give you the tools to manage your Salesforce implementation moving forward.


  • How We Do IT

    Any solution we recommend will be custom-tailored to your needs. Below is a general idea of how we will approach a solution to your specific problem.



    We will have a small team analyze your existing system and dive into your stated challenges. This core team will usually include a Business System Analyst and Salesforce Architect. This team will quickly identify your pain points and document potential solutions.



    With this newfound knowledge, we will then sit down with your team to assess potential paths forward. This is usually coupled with a review and reprioritization of the existing backlog. From this, we will collaboratively define the best path forward with the least disruption of critical ongoing backlog items.  


    Deliver on Backlog

    We deliver like an agile dev team. We will start with small measurable improvements with clear weekly deliverables. As we deliver improvements and build a solid working relationship across our teams the scope of the deliverables will increase too.


    High Fives!

    You are on your way to having an implementation of Salesforce that will support your business needs and can be managed by your team without headaches. Typically you will want to maintain a basic service schedule and occasional maintenance. Otherwise, you are back in control.

  • Let's Connect

    Don't be afraid to reach out. We would love to discuss your challenges and offer some free advice.

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    San Francisco, CA 94111